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Food is a key part of our daily lives. It offers us nourishment, warmth, energy and a great excuse to socialize. It plays an equally important role outside of us as individuals by promoting common health, helping build communities, protecting the environment, and ultimately strengthening the economy.

In 2012, the Calgary EATS! Food System Assessment and Action Plan was developed and approved by Council at The City of Calgary. The full document evaluates the current food system in our city; examines a range of food issues; identifies barriers and existing assets; and provides key baseline information to reference. It outlines recommendations for building a more sustainable and resilient food system based on imagineCALGARY (Calgary's 100-year vision) sustainability targets.

A group of diverse stakeholders is in place to guide, develop and implement the Calgary EATS! Action Plan. This Stewardship Group represents the spectrum of the regional food system with active members from agriculture through to those who specialize in food waste and recovery. This broad, yet specific, stewardship group allows for a holistic approach to change in our food system, which is precisely what we need.

Our mission is to engage Calgarians in the process and information sharing so that together we can realize the Calgary EATS! Food Vision to create a sustainable and resilient food system for the Calgary region so that every Calgarian has access to local, healthy and environmentally friendly food.

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